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Vertiv – MPH2 PDU

Vertiv Network Power offers the industry’s only complete portfolio of Adaptive, Managed and Basic rack PDU solutions with highest levels of availability, easy integration and the energy management, simplicity and savings that make the most sense for your customer’s data center. The new rack PDU family of products from Vertiv Network Power provides the strategic ‘last’ link in the power chain that delivers the business critical power to keep IT systems available.

Vertiv Network Power’s next generation of rack PDUs provides the industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power metering and distribution – complete with the simplified energy management, modular design and cost savings that ensure your data center – and your business – can operate at peak velocity and resiliency.

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Product Description

MPH2 is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental input options, with multiple power input selections and output configurations, allowing data center power control to the receptacle level, as well as monitoring of the strip and environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity. MPH2 offers the industry’s leading operating temperatures, ensuring availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack.

It is available in the following versions:

  • Outlet Level Metered and Switched
  • Outlet Level Metered
  • Rack PDU Metered and Outlet Switched
  • Rack PDU Metered


  • Onboard display
  • Managed rack-installed power strip
  • Monitors at branch level
  • SN Sensors
  • Controls at equipment level
  • Offers single-phase and three-phase models


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