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Vertiv – Therm-O-Disc

Vertiv wireless sensor systems are the best way to get the information you need from your data center’s racks. While wireless sensing is often thought of as a new technology, it’s actually mature and proven, finding numerous applications throughout the industrial and consumer markets such as cell phones and asset tracking.

The Vertiv 52WM Smart Wireless Sensor transmits critical infrastructure data from an on-board sensor through WirelessHART, an open standard wireless protocol.
Designed and integrated with Vertiv’s Icom-s*, Trellis*, and Sitescan* control and monitoring systems, the 52WM provides a highly secure and preferred environmental sensing solution for critical data centre environments.

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Product Description

Why Vertiv Wireless sensor?

    • Lower Deployment Cost

– Quick to deploy – less labor
– Integrates with Existing Infrastructure
– Very low maintenance

    • Easy to Reconfigure & Expand

– Interoperability & Co – Existence
– Start Small, Expand Seamlessly

    • Reliable Data Transmission

– WirelessHART Based, >99% Data Reliability
– Self-Organizing, Self-Healing Network

    • Secure Network Communication

– Built in and Always ON AES 128-bit encryption
– Key Mgt, End-End Security & Message Integrity Checks

    • Optimized Run Time

Ultra Low Power Consumption
3+ Year Battery Life

    • Easy to Deploy

– Open WirelessHART Standard
– Simple & Fast Gateway Connection
52WM Wireless Product Bulletin Brochure

52WM Wireless Sensor User Guide Brochure

Vertiv’s Smart Wireless Technology for Data Centers Brochure

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