Enlogic – EN1000 Series Metered PDU

Enlogic – EN1000 Series Metered PDU

Real-time metering and network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimisation.

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Product Description

Enlogic’s EN1000 Series – PDU Metered Rack PDUs include energy metering, power and environmental monitoring. Billing grade watt-hour metering provides accurate energy metering data for user billing purposes, PUE & efficiency metrics, project justification, and capacity management. Continuous real-time monitoring of every input power phase and each circuit breaker within the rack PDU itself provides advance alarms to warn of potential power issues before they occur and permit users to better balance loads between input phases and circuit breakers to improve both reliability and power efficiency.

Enlogic – iPDU (Rack PDU)


Enlogic – Rack PDU Product Guide


Enlogic – DNA: Dual Network Access

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