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True on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems support data center power for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices, and critical workstations

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Product Description

Liebert GXT4 OnLine UPS, 500-10,000 VA

Liebert GXT4 UPS meets the need for higher power capacities in small spaces. This true on-line double conversion UPS system is available in 500-10,000VA models, and features integrated maintenance bypass, optional extended battery runtime , programmable outlets and energy saving features. With a Power Assurance Package from Emerson Network Power Service — puts your critical power in the capable hands of our experienced team of factory-authorized technicians from day one— ensuring network availability and peace of mind.

Liebert GXT4 UPS_5000-10000VA

Liebert GXT4 UPS_500-3000VA


Liebert GXT3™ On-Line UPS, 5 -10 kVA

Liebert GXT3 5 kVA to 10 kVA UPS systems provide true on-line protection in the smallest cabinets in their capacity range. The UPS systems offer internal batteries, unlimited extended external batteries, and internal bypass capability, resulting in continuous uptime for the connected equipment. Multiple power output configurations allow quick connection of protected loads.

Liebert GXT3 On-Line UPS_5-10kVA


Liebert APS On-line UPS, 5-20 kVA

The Liebert APS UPS is a modular power protection solution for 5 – 20kVA applications. The UPS provides mission-critical availability while reducing costs and maintaining flexibility for the future.

Liebert APS On-Line UPS


Liebert APM On-line UPS, 15-90kW

The row-based Liebert APM is a transformerless, on-line UPS that allows quick and easy capacity increases with FlexPower™ hardware assemblies – no additional floorspace required. The UPS operates with the industry’s highest efficiency – up to 94% at loads of 50-100%.

Liebert APM On-line UPS_15-90kW


Liebert eXM On-Line UPS, 10-100 kVA/kW

The Liebert eXM UPS promises efficient and economical operation with a flexible power system that is optimized to meet the unique demands of midsize IT applications. Matching ancillary cabinets provide the ability to meet specific demands for run time, bypass and parallel requirements.

Liebert eXM On-Line UPS


Liebert NX On-Line UPS, 10-30kVA

Mid-sized, three-phase UPS system that delivers complete, centralized power protection for mission-critical systems. Designed to meet the high availability power needs of a wide variety of IT applications, the UPS combines compact size, advanced operating features and low cost of ownership.

Liebert NX On-Line UPS_10-30kVA


Liebert NX On-Line UPS, 40-200kVA

True on-line, double conversion, three-phase UPS system with Softscale™ technology that provides a scalable solution for growing data centers. The UPS allows growth from 40 to 60 to 80 kVA, and from 80 to 100 to 120 kVA. The UPS may also be paralleled for additional capacity or for redundant operation.

Liebert NX On-Line UPS_40-200kVA


NetSure ITM 48V DC UPS 70-280kW

Data center-optimized row-based 48V DC UPS that is designed to support the move to higher efficiency, density and flexibility enabled by row-based power and cooling.

NetSure ITM

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