Eziblank – Ezitherm: EZIBRUSH Grommets

Eziblank – Ezitherm: EZIBRUSH Grommets

EZIBRUSH Grommets are used for sealing raised flooring in climate-controlled rooms and for cabling. This cuts costs dramatically by keeping cold and warm air separate.
Ezibrush Grommets compared to other commercially available products it is inexpensive and easy to assemble. They can seal cable passages and keep cool air under raised flooring.

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Product Description

Maintaning adequate under floor static pressure is one of the most important aspect for successful cooling of the data center. The Air-Brush floor grommet is intended for new installations to seal floor cut outs before the installation power or communication cables. “Bypass air” is conditoned air that does not reach the intake of IT equipment.

Keeps hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the Data Centre.

EZIBRUSH™ panels are designed and manufactured to the hi ghest i nter nati onal standards.
Great for the environment, EZIBRUSH™ panels are reusable, recyclable and flame retardant.

Air Seal Raised Floor Grommets

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