Ablerex – Battery Monitoring System

– Provide accountability and manageability for critical battery performance
– Real Time Monitoring every Block Impedance & Voltage
– Discharge Curves recording.
– Alarm via email and dry contact.
– Internet/Web remote monitoring

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Product Description

Battery Monitoring System facts and benefits

    Product Features

  • Wire-Less Communication
  • Easy Installation & Save Cost
  • Graphic LCD Touch Screen
  • Real Time Monitoring : Block Voltage, Block Impedance, Temperature
  • String Voltage & Current
  • Equalize and Balance Block Voltage
  • Extend Battery Life Time
  • Alarm via Email & Dry Contact
  • Build in Storage Memory for Battery History Database
  • Colorful Bar / Curve Diagrams
  • User-default Configurations & Deviation Levels
  • Provides Ethernet/RS-485 for Remote Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring – Why do we need it?

  • Batteries are a key part of emergency back up power supply system. The more critical the loads, the more important to ensure the batteries are in high availability condition in order to provide reliably energy during an emergency!
  • Battery Good or Bad- How would you know?

  • Measuring the Battery Terminal Voltage >>>>>Not good enough
  • Measuring the battery impedance>>>> Good, but not able to conclude the battery discharge capability
  • Best is to do see the battery discharge curve

BMS Brochure

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