Ablerex – Active Power Filter

The Enersine ESD34, the true harmonic solution, is a solid state power converter to improve power quality.
– Modular design, easy to extend
– Up to 51st harmonic
– Close/Open Loop Control
– Programmable power factor correction
– Full-time DSP Control System
– Shunt Connection, easy for maintenance
– Flexible Up-grading/Redundancy
– Parallel operated in different capacity
– User friendly control panel

What is Harmonics?
Generally, electronics equipment drawn current in a non-linear fashion. Especially equipment that utilize switch mode power supply.

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Product Description

Active Power Filter facts and benefits

  • Most Comprehensive Range of Active Filters
  • Can Reduce Transformer/Generator Capacity – Harmonics Current from Loads go back to Transformer>>Overheating. So to avoid overheating, Transformer is always oversized by 2 times.
  • Better than Dynamic Stepless Cap Bank / PFC Bank, Fast respond time <1 msec Hot swappable
  • for improving existing PF problem
  • Can Rack mount , wall mount

Enersine-ESD33-ES34 Brochure

Enersine-ESD34 Brochure

SD34-80A Brochure

ESD34_100A_150A Brochure

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