TZ – Intelligent Locking System

TZ – Intelligent Locking System

With national compliance mandates driving greater levels of data protection, IT and Security Managers are increasingly compelled to look for new levels of security beyond just controlling access to their data center buildings and spaces.
Innovative solutions that can integrate physical security and environmental monitoring right down to the cabinet level are fast becoming a standard requirement.
TZ is the leader in SMArt Device™ technology and is at the forefront in providing new micro-protection solutions to the data center market in asset and infrastructure protection.

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Product Description

TZ Infrastructure Protection, Inc. offers extremely affordable and highly scalable micro-security and environmental monitoring solutions that deliver protection beyond the reach of existing security systems. Built on an open platform, our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing applications, networks and protocols and provide a cost-effective way to protect and manage a vast range of physical assets.

Our two infrastructure systems are designed to address the different needs of our customers:

The TZ Praetorian™ system solution is designed to work with existing third party building access control systems to extend physical security and audit trail capability down to the cabinet enclosure level.

The TZ Centurion™ system solution truly defines micro-protection, with an IP based access control system focused on delivering physical security and environmental monitoring at the most granular level from anywhere in the world

Intelligent locking system

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