PowerShield – Sentinel Battery Monitoring System

Effective battery management delivers real benefits to any organisation that needs reliable backup power systems. Decrease your risk, increase your confidence.

Battery monitoring has three primary objectives:

  • To provide confidence that there is sufficient battery capacity to operate systems for the designated time in the event of a power failure
  • To identify faults and weaknesses in the battery bank early so preventative maintenance and replacement can be undertaken in a safe and orderly manner.
  • To ensure that the UPS battery bank is maintained in an optimum environment to maximise its performance and life
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Product Description

The PowerShield Sentinel system provides permanent and continuous monitoring for stand-by battery installations. It makes use of a modular hardware approach to combine accuracy and safety with ease of installation. With options for VRLA, VLA and Ni-Cd cells, a range of communication choices and an enterprise level of software package, PowerShield can provide solutions tailored to exactly match your batteries.

  • Visibility to individual string & individual monoblock level
  • Visibility of both real-time and historic battery data
  • Automated alarm management
  • Rapid, automated data sampling & logging
  • User-defined alarm limits
  • Flexible to suit battery model & application
  • Thermal runaway detection
  • SNMP & Modbus integration
  • ¬†UPS intermittent charging compatibility
  • Designed to allow IEEE/IEC best practice

All items are measured against user-defined limits, with the system operating continuously in all battery states – float, idle, charge and discharge. Simply select the option that suits your batteries and application.


PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring System

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