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Firestopping is No Longer the Problem with he Only Truly Automatic Firestop System!
EZ-Path® customers benefit from greatly enhanced cable management. The EZ-Path® System allows cable installations to be easily organized by type, use, or trade… Or any other way that you might like to do it. Pathways installed in walls provide managed portals through which cables can easily be routed.

Product Description

Product Features for STI – EThe Z-Path® Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway

  • The EZ-Path® Series 44+ Fire-Rated Pathway is designed for high cable volume conditions through fire-rated walls and floors while eliminating the burden of ongoing maintenance. The Series 44+ incorporates self-sealing intumescent pads that automatically adjust to the installed cable fill without the need for user manipulation. Under fire exposure, the intumescent pads expand and swell resisting the passage of smoke and flame.
  • This systems offers hundreds of customisable configurations for walls and floors cable management to suit your growing needs.


Fire Rated Pathway Brochure

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