Starline – Track Busway

Starline – Track Busway

With STARLINE Track Busway, easy installation means faster expansions and additions, plus lower cost of
ownership. Our flexible and scalable busway system
allows you to relocate power anywhere you need it, and at anytime without shutting down power.

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Product Description

By their very nature, mission critical and data center facilities are extremely sensitive to downtime, delays in adding power distribution circuits, and inefficiencies.
However, with STARLINE Track Busway, power distribution has been revolutionized. This simple, versatile, and economical solution for supplying power is unique because STARLINE Track Busway can be tapped instantly at any location, without any downtime.

STARLINE®Plug-In Raceway was created to meet the ever-changing power distribution needs of the fast-paced retail environment. Though it may look like other race way products, STARLINE Plug-In Race way has the unique ability to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere on the race way quickly and easily. When changing displays you can eliminate the added cost of an electrician to reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring.




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Mission Critical


Retail Power


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