Digitalor – U-Level Asset IoT System

Product Description

Digitalor U-level asset IoT system helps user realize digital transformation, improve the capability of asset management, simplify operational procedures, increase utilization rate and management efficiency.

U-level Technology Evolution with a Third Generation Unique IoT Sensor Technology
Unique battery-free IoT tag technology has features of high reliability, 100% data accuracy and maintenance-free.

▪  Automated U-level asset tracking
▪  Real-time and accurate asset data sync.
▪  Asset anti-theft
▪  Room-level in/out tracking
▪  RESTful API / Modbus RTU / Proprietary protocol

•  U-level Asset Tracking
Automatically synchronize asset information and its U position to management platform
•  RU Resource Planning
100% accurate control of assets and RU vacancy distribution.

•  Automated Asset Audit
Finish 1million IT asset audit within seconds, no man needed
•  100% accuracy
IoT system ensure the 100% accuracy of audit result, this make the work easier, and reduce risks

Accurate RU Resource Planning
•  Real-time RU Resource Map
Visualized RU occupation and vacancy map, accurate utilization rate.
•  Improve RU Utilization Rate
Help user find RU vacancy quickly, plan RU resource better, boost infrastructure ROI.

Real-time Asset Status Indicator
•  On-site Instruction
Display the status of each asset, help operational staff find the target device quickly, reduce mistake.
•  On-site Alarm
With buzzer and light, management platform can send its alarm to on-site operator.

Real-time Asset Change Warning
•  Prevent Unauthorized Asset Change
Automatic on-site warning when unauthorized change happens.
•  Anti-theft Monitoring
By using anti-theft tag, user can be ensured with 100% asset physical safety

In-rack Environment Monitoring
•  Optional Environment Sensor
Monitor in-rack temperature to avoid overheat, and plan the rack space scientifically.
•  On-site Temperature Indicator
Operator can directly see the temperature according to the light on sensor.

U-level Module
▪  6U reader module, each reader represent a rack U
▪  There is a iron embedded in the casing, to be attached by the magnet on the tag.
▪  Based on Unique IoT technology, 100% accuracy and stability ensured.
▪ The module on the top is connected to network by RJ45 connector
▪ Powered by PoE or 12V DC

U-level IoT Tag
▪ 1kB memory, can store relevant information, can be read by U-level module or mobile terminal directly.
▪ QR code is tag’s unique ID, for easily matching tag and asset.

U-level Anti-theft Tag
▪ Circuit in the sticker and strip, will set off theft alarm when the tag is tear off / cut off or moved without authorization from the asset.

U-Level & Room Level Tag
▪ UHF antenna in the strip will trigger an alert upon asset’s entry/exit through a monitoring reader; designed for whole lifecycle automated management.

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