MRK 2U Multi-display Console Drawer

Austin Hughes Multi-display Console Drawer

Product Description

The MRK 2U dual or triple display console drawer is designed for Command and Control Systems which demand quick deployment of side by side displays. 2U 22″ depth platform allows for small size and transit case portability. To ensure chassis ruggedness, mobility and quality, as well as being suitable for harsh environment applications, the MRK drawer is meticulously constructed by a team of experts in our own CNC facilities for such applications. The key benefit of the MRK series is the choice of different resolution panels including 4K 17″, FHD 17″ and 19″ 4:3 LED backlit displays. Sunlight Readable FHD 17″ LCD is also available. 4K 17″ displays satisfy the increasing demands for higher graphical and text requirements. A solid 104 key keyboard is integrated with either touchpad or trackball.

Key Benefits

  • 2U 22″ short depth design
  • Light weight only 51.5 lbs / 23.4 kgs
  • Rugged construction for mobility & durability
  • Built-in solid bearing slide rails
  • Built-in dual stereo speaker ( per display )
  • Three LED backlit display selections ( 4K, FHD, 4:3 )
  • DVI-D + VGA video input for FHD & 4:3 ( per display )
  • Display port 1.2 video input for 4K ( per display )
  • 104-key keyboard with either touchpad or trackball ( PS2 / USB )
  • Fits 24″ ~ 36″ rack via adjustable mounting brackets



MRK 2U Multi-display Console Drawer Brochure

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