Lightning Ethernet+Power Adapter (L4-NETP)

Redpark Lightning Ethernet+Power Adapter (L4-NETP)

Product Description

The Redpark Ethernet+Power Adapter connects an iPad or iPhone to ethernet and power. It is designed for use in POS systems, kiosks, automation control systems and other use cases where connection to a wired network interface and power are required.


The Ethernet+Power Adapter is a specialty USB Ethernet Adapter. It provides a private ethernet interface that is compatible with an iOS app that makes use of a Redpark Ethernet SDK. “ENET Browser” (web browser), “Luminair” (lighting control app), “SecureCRT” and “Get Console” (terminal emulators) are now available in the App Store.


Part #: L4-NETP
UPC #: 013964221244
Warranty: 1 year
Ethernet: RJ45 Auto MDX
iPad: USB Type A
Power: 2.1mm DC voltage jack

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