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Aspirating Detection (or Air Sampling Detection) is not a new concept as this technology has been providing early warning detection for high risk or high value applications for many years. However, aspirating detectors are now being installed in an ever increasing number of different applications for many different reasons. Therefore, it is essential that the detector itself is capable of detection across the widest spectrum of fire scenarios.

Product Description

    • Product Features for Protec – Cirrus Pro Aspirating Fire Detectors

Cirrus Pro detectors are the only ‘cloud chamber’ based aspirating detectors on the global market. The cloud chamber detection principle ensures this aspirating detector CANNOT false alarm from dust and other pollutants, unlike standard ‘optical’ aspirating detectors. Sampling from environments with high airflow, high humidity levels and extreme temperatures also have no false alarm effects on the detector operation. Therefore the use of Cirrus Pro detectors in industrial application is very common.

    • Product Features for Protec – ProPointPlus Aspirating Smoke Detectors

ProPointPlus contains up to four separate detectors within a common aspirator enclosure. This provides four separately identifiable areas from a single aspirating unit. ProPointPlus utilises LED ‘optics’ for verification of smoke levels and can be configured without the need for a laptop connection. Detector set-up for Class A, Class B and Class C settings are achieved through very simple multi-function, multi-lingual menu functions.

    • Product Features for Protec – Cirrus HYBRID Aspirating Fire & Smoke Detectors

Cirrus HYBRID detectors are the next generation of aspirating detectors and are unique in the aspirating world. By utilising the best forms of aspirating system technologies; Cloud Chamber Detection (CCD) and Early Warning Smoke Detection (EWSD) in one detector, we have created a single detector able to detect fire & smoke over the largest range of fire types. The result of this synergy of technologies is a device that can verify true alarm conditions and are resistant to unwanted or false alarms.
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